Prism Health Lab: Opens their 6th

Prism Health Lab, a subsidiary of the 30-year-old Prism Group of Companies, has opened its sixth location in Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood. It uses Prism’s unique digital technology to allow large-scale and affordable testing.

Technicians provide free COVID-19 testing for community members from a mobile 8×20 foot office. They also adhere to the strictest safety protocols. Patients can book appointments online through the Prism Health Laboratory website or from their mobile devices. The call center at Prism offers English, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese service. To complete a walk-up appointment, patients can scan a QR code or access a wireless kiosk onsite.

Alderman Byron Sigcho Lopez (25th) says, “We are extremely grateful for their efforts. It is crucial that we have permanent service locations like these in our city and state, which are culturally sensitive and employ multilingual staff.

Zul Kapadia, President and CEO of Prism Health Laboratory, states that providing culturally sensitive watkins health center care is at the heart of his family’s medical philosophy. “We were shocked to see how many of our friends and patients in our communities were suffering. We had to do something.

Kapadia, a Harvard Innovation Lab researcher, developed a proprietary technology called the Prism Exchange during the pandemic. The system allows Prism Health Lab, in addition to COVID-19 results, to accumulate much more data. HIPAA-compliant Prism Exchange communicates data with uw health union corners Departments at both the municipal and state levels. This produces robust analytics and visualizations necessary for contact tracing. Prism Health Lab uses this data to quickly respond to COVID-19 hotspots and deploy their mobile teams to inaccessible areas.

Under the direction of Dr. MS Kapadia Senior (USCIS Civil Surgeon), the medical team consists of physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, and medical assistants. They provide safe and accurate testing and follow-up. In the event of a positive diagnosis, patients can receive telehealth visits from qualified katahdin valley health center professionals through the Prism Exchange.

Prism Health Lab caught the attention of Theresa Mah, State Representative. She said that the clinics “are something that will keep our communities safe because whenever somebody thinks they might be exposed, they can visit here and get a test within a few minutes and their results within a few days.”

“We live in unprecedented times. More than 400,000 Americans have lost the battle for their lives. We have lost our family members, friends, and neighbors. We can prevent that by providing more testing services,” Dr. Tariq Yett, President of Chicago Medical Society, says. “The United States has been promised by the new administration that it will provide 1,000,000 doses of [the] vaccine each day. Prism health insurance Lab provides a model of mass vaccination at various locations, particularly for people who are more susceptible to COVID-19.

Prism Health Lab is preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine. Prism Health Lab has acquired a fleet of cold-transport vehicles to service mobile units. They are also building a state of the art storage facility to store over a million vaccine doses. These supercool freezers can operate at -86 Celsius.

Kapadia stated, “We are glad to be here with members from this diverse community.” We have faith that grassroots initiatives such as ours will be recognized. As the Biden Administration accelerates COVID-19 Recovery initiatives, we hope our voices, the voices of Chicago’s neighborhoods, will be heard about how to accelerate vaccine delivery.

The sixth location of Prism Health Lab in Chinatown is located at Archer & Wentworth. It is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT.