Nejire Hado


Nejire is a fair-skinned, nejire hado boy of average height and curious eyes. Her irises and upper eyelashes are royal blue and long. Her hair is periwinkle and reaches down to her knees. It twists at her waist and curves inwardly around her legs. Side-swept bangs are tucked behind her ears and just above her eyes on her left. There are two short clumps on either side of her head, one curved towards her face and the other curved behind her ear. The U.A. boys believe that Nejire is more feminine than she appears to be. Yuyu Haya and Nejire are more “cute” than “sexy,” according to the boys at U.A.

Nejire hado prefers to wear a waistcoat over the U.A. Kyoka Jiro sometimes wears a blazer and school uniform with Nejire hado.

Nejire Hado Hero

The Nejire hado hero costume is a royal blue skin-tight, black collared bodysuit, with pale mint green markings that run from her shoulders to her legs. It’s framed by turquoise and a matching stripe running around her upper arms. She wears a pair knee-high boots with a thin flap buttoned on each leg. Her ankles are covered dream moods in turquoise spirals that match the thicker ones around her ankles. A black strap wraps around her thighs, with two small satchels attached. She also has two spiraling horns protruding behind her ears, which are designed to reference her Quirk.

Nejire hado Personality

Nejire is naturally kind, curious, and talkative. She is often distracted by the unique features of others and takes great interest in them. Nejire is a blunt person who often asks invasive and off-putting questions.

Nejire is a kind, affectionate person. She is a free spirit and has a passion for learning new things. Nejire seems to enjoy learning more than others but she doesn’t do it in a proud manner. She just loves explaining things to people and sharing what she knows. Due to her childish joy, she is often described as acting like a kindergartener.

She is a cheerful, enthusiastic, and affable person who is never seen not moving. She is a compassionate person who does Eri’s hair and plays with her in her spare time. She has been more calm in different situations, and was not concerned about Tamaki Amajiki’s attack. She is an extremely level-headed individual thanks to her curious and friendly demeanor. However, she can sometimes come off as an “airhead”.

Nejire hado Abilities

Overall Abilities: Nejire, one of U.A. Mirio, Tamaki and Nejire are the most influential students at High School. They are collectively known as The Big Three. As with the other Big 3 Pro Heroes, Nejire’s abilities rival or surpass those of many Pro Heroes.