Who is responsible for the death of “Kazuichi soda”

The Class 77-B, along with other classmates, attends a kazuichi soda burial the next day. The World Destroyer had killed him. Fuyuhiko and Peko Pekoyama, along with Sonia, set out to avenge his murder.

Does Kazuichi soda survive?

Kazuichi soda survived the last trial and was able to escape to the real world along with other survivors at Danganronpa 2. He remained on Growth Supplements Jabberwock Island. His classmates, who awoke from their comas, decide to atone for their sins as former members of Ultimate Despair.

Does Sonia like Kazuichi soda?

Since their time at Hope’s Peak Academy, Kazuichi Soda Kazuichi had a love for Sonia. Kazuichi is also more hostile than any other student.

Is Kazuichi soda infatuated with Hajime?

Kazuichi Soda clings to Hajime and calls him his “soul buddy”. Kazuichi’s trust issues cause hajime conflict, but he soon calms down and is ready to apologize. He develops a close friendship and trust with Hajime despite some difficulties.

Why did Chiaki die, and why did izuru cries?

Episode 10 – Chiaki was weakly awakened when Smile at Despair in The Name of Hope Izuru arrived. Chiaki said that she didn’t want to die and she wanted to be with her class and play with Hajime.

Why did Junko murder Chiaki?

Junko Enoshima Junko was the one who executed Chiaki. She had originally planned to let Chiaki see the Despair video. But when she realized how much Class 77 -B loved her, she decided that Chiaki would be killed in order to make them all despair.

Gundham calls Sonia “Sonia”

Sonia said that the entrance fee could not be paid for her blood. Gundham calls her “she-cat” and “Dark queen”, while Sonia refers to everyone else in Japanese as Kisama (a polite way to say “you” or suggests contempt).

Who did Junko kill?

Chapter 1 was the chapter in which she murdered her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba in front of all students. This was so that the students would fear Monokuma, and not be against him. Mukuro died because she tried to portray Junko while acting as a poor actor.

Who was Gundham responsible for killing?

Nekomaru Nidai

Is Gundham Tanaka a virgin?

“In Chapter 4, she declares to Gundham that she is not a virgin. This could also mean she can’t give him blood. However, she claimed that she wasn’t a virgin because she isn’t good at Japanese. “

Is Monokuma dead?

Monokuma was then accidentally stepped on by the Monokubs. The Monokubs start to cry, believing their father is dead. They vow to revenge him. The students believed that the Killing Game was over.

Who was Junko Kazuichi Soda?

Some took Junko’s body and cut it into pieces to transplant parts onto their own bodies. One even tried to use the remaining Junko to conceive her children.